Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lone Warrior: A Review

Lone WarriorLone Warrior by Bobbi Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Marissa is captured by a Comanche raiding party. Believing everyone including her traveling companion Louise are dead she keeps hope that she can find a way out of this mess. She doesn't understand why she was taken, but she soon finds out. Ten Crows, the chief, has two sons Bear Claw and Wind Ryder who are at war with each other. In a vision Ten Crows believes that Marissa, the Shining Spirit, will make peace between Ten Crows' legitimate son Bear Claw and his white son Wind Ryder, a fellow captive himself.

The only trouble is Wind doesn't want her! He has put his white identity so far behind him seeing her white skin and blond hair shakes him deeply. Both are struck by a curious passion that neither was expecting, but both have to be willing to surrender to.

It was a pretty quick and enjoyable read. I liked Ten Crows for the most part. Bear Claw was the bitter villain who just couldn't let it lie. There was a smooth plot, interesting characters and enjoyable love scenes. Not really worth a re-read, but still an enjoyable read.

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