Saturday, January 8, 2011

E-book fans rejoice

Let me start by saying how much I am in love with the e-books. Now before everyone of the old school persuasion starts waving their pitchforks at my disregard for the physical presence of books, I love books... period! I own several bookcases full and love to have precious physical copies of my favorites, but digital books are a speedier way to pass on the written word. And I love the technological advances to copying and digitizing your book collection.

There are so many books that I own which would be easier if I could put them in e-book form. I have so many mangas and small volumes of graphic novels which take up so much space in my bag. With this new machine coming out in March or April will make scanning your physical collection much easier.

" Tap the Scan button and the spread is digitised and dropped onto an SD card, ready to be transferred to your computer. Each page is saved separately, thanks to the unit's two flash-equipped cameras." (Smith, 2010 para. 2).

This will not only quicken the process of scanning your books, but also make it easier by having the scanned pages fall into a SD card which can easily be placed into most e-readers out there today! Although I seriously look forward to the premiere of this neat little gadget, I don't look forward to the price tag.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stepping on Roses vol. 4: Every rose has its thorn

From fantastic manga artist, Rinko Ueda comes the story of Sumi Kitamura. From the back of the book, "When Sumi Kitamura's financial problems become dire, wealthy Soichiro Ashida enters her life with a bizarre proposition: he'll provide her with the money she so desperatrely need is she agrees to marry him. But is it worth giving up everything for this sham of a marriage?"

After Natsuki, Soichiro's spying and manipulative cousin, sets his sights on destroying Soichiro's position as president and potentially ruin Sumi in the process, he looks to encourage Nozomu obsession and infatuation with Sumi. While Sumi and Soichiro's relationship seems to be become more tender and compassionate, Natsuki sends a spy disguised as a maid, Keiko is determined to find some dirt on Sumi and Soichiro. She practically has the entire household convinced and may ruin the budding romance starting to flower for this couple.

I have been looking forward to this issue for three to four months. I enjoy the budding romance of Soichiro and Sumi. The mystery thickens as Natsuki threatens to destroy all that Soichiro has been plotting and planning for years leaves the reader hopeful yet sullen over the success of Natsuki and Keiko. I anxiously await the next volume which is due out April 5, 2011. It's already pre-order!

Head in the Clouds and reality too

A romantic idealist leaves everything she's ever known including a nice teaching position and hops on a train hoping to surprise her beau in his hometown, but what looks like a picture perfect romance turns horribly embarrassing for Adelaide Proctor. Alone in a strange city she finds an ad for the position of governess over a ward of Mr. Westcott on a sheep ranch. She is chosen to watch over Isabella a five year old mute and is almost instantly infatuated with her employer, Gideon Westcott. As Adelaide slowly or rather quickly, in my opinion, opens up the world to, Isabella's villainous Uncle Reginald reappears to seek the fortune that his late brother and sister-in-law denied him. Reginald's mercenaries attack Gideon leaving him with an abdominal wound. About to die he marries Adelaide in a very unemotional and artificial way.

The romantic appeal is limited at best for her relationship with the rancher is rather forced and not of a natural feel. Her romantic notions seem to carry her away, but the author tries not to let her which feels forced. The only authentic relationship formed throughout the book is the relationship she has with the little girl.

While I don't have a issue Christian writers, she writes over the top God language. Christian historical fiction should have a particular amount of religious speak, but the problem with most Christian writers especially Karen Witemeyer is that they overload the story with spiritual jargon. Historically speaking religion is a part of the everyday American life, but it is not drawn out into an entire page or two of spiritual thoughts. When something is a part of everyday life it isn't drawn out and rehashed fifteen different ways. This will probably overwhelm the readers and take away from the actual story.

With artificial romance and forced spiritual journey of the characters, I say skip this and go read something with real human connection and emotions.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Says Review

Originally I had bought this book for my dad as Christmas present, but before wrapping it I took a peak like the bad kid I am and found this to be highly entertaining. From the first quote to the last, I was rolling on the floor laughing. I was so hooked to what crazy thing this old man was going to say next I even read it while cooking. I don't recommend that. In what started as a Twitter feed quickly became a book and then a TV show. It is not surprising Halpren's immediate success after reading just a few of his dad's now infamous quotes. Halpren's story of his father and their relationship will make you laugh, smile quite possibly tear up.

It is broke up into fairly easy to read chapters with a couple of stories and then after each chapter there is about two pages with humorous side-splitting quotes from his father. It is a quick and light-hearted read which will do nicely after the holiday overload. There is foul language in it, but the foul language will probably remind you of some old man in your life who is set in his way and isn't going to change for the world. We laugh at touching humorous stories such as these, because we see someone we know or ourselves in this one man's quotes. It's refreshing to see a no-name author can achieve all of this with just the start of a Twitter feed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Year and new possibilities. I have chosen to take on two challenges and I would like to lay out the rules for my challenges.

I want to take on the Library Challenge where I will read 100 library books starting from January 1st, 2011 to December 31, 2011. I will keep a record in my library account, here on my blog Inquisitor's List, goodreads, and my facebook account. The only one that will be available to the public is on this blog. I plan on reviewing every book I read, but knowing how busy I might be I will try to review every other book.

The second and quite possibly the most anticipated challenge for me this year is the Young Adult literature challenge. I am taking it on by reading 75 Young Adult books starting on January 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2011. One of reasons for my anticipation is that I love the Young Adult section. My dream job would be to be a Young Adult Librarian. I was actually the Teen Services Coordinator for my library before I had to leave, sadly. I look forward to using this challenge to educate myself on the YA section more so than ever before. And another reason is that it just sounds like fun!

I am going to try to read a total of 175 books and not double dip my books in the challenges, but I fear time may get away from me like it usually does so I promise to make a solid effort, but don't be surprised if I use one book for both challenges.

It's a lot to take on, but I'm certain that it will pay off in the end. That is if my cat Mittens doesn't decide that while I'm writing reviews I should be petting her. It happens a lot. Here's to a great New Year, chocolate, books, and coffee!